Galilee Day Tour

The Birthplace of a Religion: Galilee Day Tour

The land of Galilee has been the home of a large and thriving Jewish population for thousands of years. Visitors to the region can experience the rich history of the Jewish culture, and see how the world’s largest religion was born. While visitors could spend years here and never see everything, a Galilee day tour can show case the regions highlights.


Considering beginning the Galilee day tour in the ancient city of Nazareth. Located in the heart of the Galilee region, visitors can wander the streets of the ancient city where Jesus was born and raised. Tour the Old City section, which dates back to the 19th century. Starting at the Basilica of the Annunciation, which marks the place where Mary was told she would conceive the Holy Spirit, visitors can then tour the busy market place, and home of Joseph and Mary.

Tiberius and the Sea of Galilee:

The Sea of Galilee figures prominently throughout the bible. It is where Jesus performed many of his miracles, including his inspiring walk on the water. The beautiful beachfront city of Tiberius overlooks the Golan Heights. These majestic heights are where Jesus preformed many other miracles for his followers including calming the stormy waters of the Galilean Sea and the feeding of the multitudes. The Galilee day tour should also include a visit to Yardenit on the banks of the Jordan River; here visitors can see where Jesus was baptized.

Capernaum and Tabgha

Finally, on a Galilee day tour, take time to visit Capernaum and the home of St. Peter’s family. A modern Franciscan church now stands on the site. After Capernaum, a final stop on a Galilee day tour should include a visit to Tabgha. This is where Jesus preformed his miraculous feeding of the multitude and gave the inspiring Sermon from the Mount. It is also the place where Jesus first appeared to his disciples after his resurrection.

A Galilee day tour may not seem long enough, but a well planned day trip will allow visitors to experience a taste of the history of a people and a religion.