Family Activity Holidays in Spain

Why Go to Spain

Spain is one of the most exciting countries in Europe, and it is absolutely wonderful for family activity holidays in Spain. Not only is the food great and the scenery beautiful, but the people of Spain are among the most welcoming and friendly countrymen. If you are planning a trip to Spain with your family, this article can help orient you to some of the fun-filled family activities that will be available to you. Read on to learn about the top three family-centered activities offered in Spain.

Eat Tapas

Tapas are Spain’s form of snacks or fast food. They are served with alcoholic drinks at bars and clubs far into the evening and early morning hours (the Spanish eat dinner around 10pm, sometimes even as late as midnight!) but tapas can also be eaten with a refreshing juice or lemonade for the kids. The old saying is “one bite with one drink.” For your best family activity holidays in Spain, head to a tapas bar in Spain, get a few glasses of Sangria for you and your partner and a few fresh juices for the kids, and enjoy a great evening on a Spanish street.

Learn Spanish

No family activity holidays in Spain are finished without learning at least a little bit of Spanish, but why not throw yourself into it a little and learn a lot! Sure, you can brush up on your Spanish vocab and grammar before you leave, but think about taking a few conversation classes while you are there for added knowledge!

Dance the Flamenco

The fun and flirty Flamenco dance is the national dance of the country of Spain. But it’s not just for new lovers. It is a fun dance for people of all ages and great for your family activity holidays in Spain. Today, you can find Flamenco dance lessons for you, your partner, and your kids. Get long and detailed dresses for the girls and fancy suits for the men, and go crazy. It is fun, Spanish, and exercise all rolled into one!

See the Sea

There are many different terrains in Spain. As in several other European countries, Spain offers views of the mountains, the country, downtown city life and the ocean. Especially in the south of Spain, the ocean life is a large part of the Spanish culture. In southern cities, tanning and laying on the beach are the norm and seafood is incorporated into almost all of their foods. Sure, you can go to the beach in other countries, but it is certainly nothing like the beautiful beaches of Spain! The ocean is one of the best family activity holidays in Spain!