Visiting Arad Israel

Visiting Arad Israel – Modern City among Ancient Landmarks

Arad Israel is a modern city at the meeting of the Judean and the Negev Deserts. It is located approximately just 15 miles from the Dead Sea and lies in the midst of surrounding Bedouin communities. It is within 70 miles to the south of the famed city of Jerusalem, within 30 miles to the east of the city of Beer Sheva, and approximately 85 miles to the southeast of Tel Aviv. The nearness of Arad to many exciting places and activities make visiting Arad Israel a great experience.

The Dead Sea

when visiting Arad Israel, it is highly recommended to visit the Dead Sea. More than just a body of water with a high salt content that causes those who enter it to automatically float, the Dead Sea is a place with a low elevation and therefore with air that is especially dense in oxygen, making it a relaxed breathing atmosphere that is particularly refreshing for those with lung and heart ailments. The water and mud at the Dead Sea is also noted for its ability to cleanse the skin and for treating skin ailments.

The Bedouin Tribes Surrounding Arad

The Bedouins are an ancient nomadic people with a long history who dwell around Arad Israel. They are known for their hospitality and willingness to let others in on experiencing desert life. There are many exciting ways to do so like riding on a donkey with Bedouin guides navigating between notable and beautiful desert landmarks; as well as the interesting experience of eating traditional Bedouin food among the inhabitants of a Bedouin village.

Judean Desert

Along with this, situated near Arad Israel are the breathtaking hills, valleys, and rock formations of the Judean Desert.

Overall, visiting Arad Israel is a remarkable experience with no shortage of amazing sites, activities, and people.