Israel Tours

Israel is a Country in Western Asia located on the south-eastern shore off of the Mediterranean Sea. Israel borders Lebanon on the north and Syria on the northeast. Israel has been a favorite of tourists for a number of years.

There are a variety of Israel tours available for travelers. Israel tours can be anywhere from 3, 5, 6, 10 and 12 days. In addition, there are a number of tour packages available at discount prices.

The Ben Gurion Airport is the main airport located in Israel. Most travelers will arrive and depart from the Ben Gurion Airport. Transportation is always available from the airport to hotel.

A main attraction for travelers going to Israel is the city of Tel Aviv. Tel Aviv is Israels largest city. The city is full of fine hotels, restaurants and shops. When taking a tour of Israel Tel Aviv is normally one of the first stops for vacationers.

Dizengoff Street is a main street in Israel and possibly one of the most popular. Dizengoff Street has an abundance of vendors, coffee shops and clothing stores. There is something for everyone when visiting Dizengoff Street in Israel. Most Israel tours include a visit to this popular street.

The Jaffa Promenade is a popular site for travelers also. The Jaffa Promenade is located within the heart of Tel Aviv. There are a variety of fabulous restaurants and shops within the Promenade. If you plan to visit this location make sure you have a good amount of cash to spend.

The Old Port in Tel Aviv is located by the Mediterranean Sea and it first opened back in the late 1930’s. The Old Port offers a variety of bars, night clubs and discos. Most people visit this area within the evening hours. This area is known for its spectacular night life and for those who enjoy the bar scene.

The Ancient City is usually a place of interest for tourists. The Ancient City is home to Caesarea National Park. The park has a 20,000 horse racing area and it located within close proximity to the Jordan River. In addition, Caesarea National Park offers swimming, diving and lovely beaches. The Caesarea Golf Club is a well-known and upscale golf club which gladly welcomes tourists.

The Beit Shean National Bank is a popular monumental historic site. This location is also included with many Israel tours of the city.

The Beit Alfa Ancient Synagogue was made with artistic detail back in the 5th century. This Synagogue is currently managed by the Israel Nature and Parks Authority. It is believed that the Torah was originally read on the first floor of this historic site.

Israel has a great deal to offer tourists. There are a variety of reasonably priced tour packages to Israel. It is best to check with a travel agent for the best deals and packages for Israel tours.