Enhanced Diamond Ring

What are Enhanced Diamonds?

Diamond enhancements are performed on diamonds that have either a clarity flaw or someone wants to change the diamond color. These enhancements are usually done on lower quality diamonds. These procedures make the diamonds more appealing. However after the procedure is complete, these diamonds make a nice enhanced diamond ring.

Fracture Filling

There are two different ways in which the clarity of a diamond can be enhanced. Fracture filling is one of those techniques. Fracture filling is done in the same manner that a crack windshield is filled. A material, usually silicone, is injected into the small fractures that are within the diamond. It is hard to determine that a diamond has been fractured filled by looking at the diamond with the naked eye. An enhanced diamond ring will only reveal itself to a trained jeweler. If an enhanced diamond ring needs to be fixed, let the jeweler know that it is an enhanced diamond so it is handled properly.


Laser Drilling

The second way that the diamond in an enhanced diamond ring is improved is by laser drilling. Diamonds sometimes have a lot of black carbon in them that forms during their development. This black carbon can reduce the clarity of the diamond. A laser beam is sent into the diamond to break up the black carbon. This results in a clear shiny diamond. A trained jeweler will be able to see the very tiny drilling holes. These holes are not visible to the naked eye.

Color Enhancement

A diamond’s color can also be enhanced. A diamond that is brown or gray in color can be enhanced to a much brighter more desirable color. If looking for a colored diamond ring, then a colored enhanced diamond ring is worth considering.