Off Road Safari in Spain

Take an Off Road Safari in Spain

A Country to Explore

Getting off the road and exploring Spain can be life changing. Why not take an off road safari in Spain and find out what’s your missing. Spain is a country that needs to be explored. There is no better way to explore Spain than by exploring areas that are off the beaten path. Your off road safari in Spain will leave memories that will last a lifetime.

Pyrenees Mountains

Every off road safari in Spain should include a visit to the magnificent Spanish Pyrenees Mountains. These mountains extend across three countries in Europe. However, the most beautiful portion of the Pyrenees Mountains are left for those visiting Spain. The Spanish Pyrenees are unspoiled – mostly unknown to visitors. While exploring these mountains you will be dazzled by ancient ruins and cave paintings. Do you enjoy winter-sports? Than visit the Baqueira-Beret ski resort. Excellent powder and great skiing make this the most popular winter resort in all of Spain.

National Parks

Spain has many excellent and interesting national parks. Take an off road safari in Spain and explore your favorite ones. The Ordesa National Park should be first on your list of parks to visit and explore. Plan on spending your entire day exploring this awesome park. This park has abundant wildlife – including a rare species of frog first discovered here in 1992. Don’t forget to spend some time on the great walking trails too. While walking these trails you can see snow covered peaks and relaxing waterfalls. Make sure and visit several parks on your safari in Spain.

Unforgettable Food in Spain

When you take an off road safari in Spain your likely to encounter some of the most delicious food on this planet. Tapas are plentiful and my personal favorite. Tapas can be served cold or warm. Whether cold or warm they delight the taste buds. Be bold and try a fried squid tapas on your journey in Spain. Are you feeling thirsty? Why not enjoy a glass of Sangria with that tapas. Sangria is a wonderful wine punch that goes well with any Spanish dish. Take an off road safari in Spain and enjoy unforgettable food and more!