Self drive tours in spain

Self Driving Tour through Spain

The Pyrenees Mountains
Self drive tours in Spain through the beautiful Pyrenees mountains are a must. Just north of Navarra the landscape varies from peaceful beauty to jungle like terrain. While driving through Navarra enjoy the picturesque villages scattered among palaces and huge manor houses. As you keep driving you will soon reach Pamplona. The old city walls still stand as does the breathtaking Plaza Del Castillo. Nearby are the Ikaburu caves in Zugarramurdi. Legend has it that it was a meeting place for witches. As you continue the route, Spain’s history welcomes the traveler with ancient ruins, a magnificent 12th century cathedral located in La Seu d’Urgeil.


Barcelona is the second largest city in Spain, where you can find many historic places of interest on yourself drive tours in Spain. You can stroll to the Gothic Quarter, and visit the 13th century Gothic Cathedral. The Parc de la Cuitadella is located in the same area. A drive to Montjuic provides a great panoramic view of the city, the harbor, and a 17th Century Castle. In Monjuic you find the Museu Nacional d’Art Catalan, the museum has a collection of medieval art. Romanesque frescoes are stunning sights to see. Barcelona is a favorite city for self drive tours in Spain.

Northern Spain

Self drive tours in Spain are not complete without a visit to the Moorish cities of Granada and Cordoba. The Carrera del Rió Darro, and Moorish baths, are extraordinary sights to see and Granada’s beautiful gardens decorate the city. Cordoba is a city full of narrow, old streets dotted with plazas and patios from centuries past.

Self drive tours in Spain are the best way to get to know the culture and drink in the beautiful countryside of Spain at your own pace without distractions.