Safari Pictures

In addition to packing the right clothing, sun screen lotion and other essentials for an African safari, the top item not to forget is a camera or camcorder. The beauty of Africa is unmatched in its natural beauty, diversity and varied characteristics. The continent of Africa features amazing beaches, wilderness landscapes, national parks with naturalized animals, exquisite waterfalls, mountain peaks that reach up to the heavens, its friendly and helpful people and so much more.

Going on a photography safari is a dream which will be memorialized in safari pictures that are stunning and unbelievable. It doesn’t matter whether a person is a photography novice or an experienced photographer. Capturing the rich African colors in safari pictures of Africa’s animals, foliage, birds and landscape is worth the trip.

The experience of seeing Mother Nature in her finest form, while taking safari pictures gives people the thrill of a lifetime. Take safari pictures of the Serengeti Plains, the Ngorongoro Crater, the wetlands of Botswana, the colorful deserts of Namibia, Botswana and Victoria Falls of Zambia and Zimbabwe. Taking safari pictures with a quality camera is best achieved with a digital single lens camera. The advanced technology of an all-in-one digital camera works great, especially in bringing animals in action, up close and personal.

We provide the perfect customized safari tour with workshops, lodging options, medical precautions and how to pack light but with necessity. Our safari photography trips are safe and secure because of the experienced staff which will be your guide to safari pictures that will rival all other vacations or trips. Each of our quality photography safaris includes photography education with lighting techniques and tips for those perfect one time shots. The wildlife and photographic experts bring the beauty of Africa and its culture and inhabitants into a greater appreciation of man, animals and nature.