Safari Photography

Wildlife Photography Basic Tips and Tricks

Photography is a pastime that anyone can enjoy and become proficient at with time and a little bit of practice. Understanding a few tips about safari photography and photographing wildlife can make a world of difference when it comes to successful photos that will spark the imagination for years to come. Having these skills under your belt can turn any novice into a professional at safari photography in a matter of snapshots.

Take Tons of Pictures

With wildlife, it is always better to find the shot in the frame then take a few to insure that there is a good shot or two in the bunch. With something like safari photography it is nearly impossible to get the perfect shot without taking several first. Animals by nature are mobile and as such they are not likely to stay put when you are trying to get the perfect shot. Taking a few pictures each time you find the animal in the viewfinder can help you get a good shot even if the animal is moving.

Patience is a Virtue

Though safari photography can be incredibly exciting at times, any good photography class will tell you that the perfect shot does not hang around for long. Often times, you have to wait for the perfect shot. There may be times when nothing is happening and there are no animals to take photos of, in these cases it is helpful to practice spotting and zooming in on areas that you may find animals in. This type of practice can help hone skills while you wait.

Editing and Correcting

Editing is always the last thing that any photographer should think about when they are in the field. It is far more important with something like safari photography that photographers stay in the moment and save thoughts about editing and correcting photos until the end of the shoot. Editing is important but it is not the most important.