Safari Photography Tour

Forever Capture the African Safari

Whether you are a novice or expert, this awe-inspiring Safari Photography Tour will forever impact your journey in this life. Where before you only dreamed of an African safari, now you can experience it with all your senses, and take home the beauty by venturing on a Safari Photography Tour with us. Our mission is for you to remember this trip in years to come and we have taken extra care to do so by providing many different workshops.

From lighting techniques to animal behavior, you will have a new found relationship with your camera as you focus on African wildlife on this Safari Photography Tour. Guided by our friendly, world known photographer, your small group of 4-6 people allows him to give you plenty of opportunity to receive one-on-one instruction. If it is merely tips and tricks you want, or an in-depth tutorial, his flexible and easy going nature make him invaluable to your experience on this Safari Photography Tour. The mornings and evenings will be the opportune moments to capture those explosive moments through natural light settings.

Equipped with two spare tires, first aid kit, and fully functioning radio, our open-air pop-top 4×4 Toyota Land Cruisers are reliable, comfortable, and have ample space to move around for that unexpected wildlife shot. We pride ourselves on maintaining exceptional standards of safety, and providing a high quality of service and uniqueness. Our Safari Photography Tour provides opulent accommodations in a land that refuses to be tamed. But that is why people come here.

In a day where conforming to societal standards is promoted, it is the wildness of Africa that will drive you to abandon your offices and briefcases, and pull you towards this majestic land full of wildlife. Let your photographs tell the story of your Safari Photography Tour.