Front of House Security

Front of House Security Has Unique Needs

Front of house security officers have a dual role. They have to provide all the services that other security do, and at the same time provide customer service according to the commercial needs of the company hiring them.

Standard Security Qualifications

Front of house security will need to be trained in all the aspects of safety and security that all other guards are trained in. They need to be trained in first aid, how to use an AED, and how to respond to a wide range of medical emergencies. They also need to know how to keep people and property safe during other emergencies such as fires, natural disasters and criminal activities. Another large part of the job of security is notifying maintenance or janitorial staff about corrective actions that are required on the building premises. Some security officers may be responsible for loss prevention, and they may have to watch staff and the general public to prevent theft or other crimes. Security staff should also receive homeland security training so they can help protect the public from terrorist activities. Finally, all security staff members have to be able to write clear and factually accurate reports.

Front of house security are responsible for having all the above qualifications, and also have many other duties as well. They may have to provide directions or assistance to customers, guests, or the general public. The manner or demeanor of front of house security generally has to be less abrupt, and be more polite and courteous. Front of house security have to maintain a sharp and professional appearance, and they may be required to wear a suit or other business attire instead of a uniform. Many times they have to act with discretion and prevent causing a commotion.