Construction Security

Hire Professional Construction Security Guards

Construction companies working on new projects have to worry about the security of their products. Many people do not realize how important security is to a construction project. The building materials and construction equipment are valuable items. Some construction companies try to save money by hiring someone without specialized training to guard their construction project. While this option might seem like a way to save money, hiring a person without specialized training can cause a construction company to lose thousands of dollars in materials and equipment. There are many benefits to hiring professional construction security guards.

Professional Construction Security Guards Prevent Theft

Construction sites are easy and popular targets for criminal activity. Construction sites are busy places, and many thieves can blend in easily with real construction workers by wearing the same uniform other workers are wearing. They can steal supplies and equipment, which can cost the construction company thousands of dollars in losses. The company also loses money when employees are looking for items that have been stolen.

Professional Construction Security Guards Record Activity

Professional security guards keep a record of activity at the construction site. Supplies, equipment, deliveries, and employees are monitored and recorded in a log book. The records are used alongside the construction company records to make sure everything at the construction site is operating as it should be. The independent log kept by the construction security guards helps the construction company keep track of the project’s progress.

Emergency Response Training

Trained construction security guards know the proper protocols to take when dealing with onsite accidents or theft situations. Typical training includes the proper way to secure thieves, handle fires, extraction and evacuation techniques. They are trained on how to keep injuries and material losses to a minimum.

Working with trained construction security guards helps construction companies protect their investments. Hiring an untrained security guard puts the construction company at a greater risk for loss. Hire a professionally trained construction security guard for your next construction project.