African Safari Photography Tour

Photographing animals in wildlife, like on an African Safari Photography Tour, requires a special alertness and patience to be successful. Although the wait and elements may prove to be long and uncomfortable at times, the compensation for the rewards is tremendous. Below are a few rules to follow when planning and taking an African Safari Photography Tour.

Locations to Go

Being in the right place at the right time seems like common sense, but many try to over think the process. Rather than just wandering about on your own, which can be dangerous, a guide on an African Safari Photography Tour will help get you to the right areas such as game parks and reserves teeming with wildlife.

Dress and Equipment

From overland transport to camouflage and camera gear, being prepared for an African Safari Photography Tour is a key to getting great pictures. Lenses to take with you for wildlife photography are telephoto and zoom. Telephoto lenses will help to fill the frame, and zoom lenses will help you capture a variety of content. In regards to clothing, you will want to blend into your surroundings as well as wear shoes for walking about. Blinds and camouflage will help you to get closer to timid animals, but a remote release can allow your camera to get closer while you stay undetected.

Using a Vehicle

When taking an African Safari Photography Tour, vehicle transport is not only safer but allows the wildlife to remain undisturbed. This is especially true in an African game park where vehicles are a common sight and sound for the animals. Vehicles used for photography tours are equipped with open roofs so that photographers easily stay safe while capturing great shots of the animals in their habitats.