African Photo Safari

Having the chance to go on an African Photo Safari is one of the greatest opportunities anyone could imagine. That this involves taking a trip to Africa only makes it one hundred times better. While there are several places on the African continent that offer excellent opportunities to go on an African Photo Safari, a couple of the best sites are worth mentioning. From walking safaris to land-rover excursions, it’s your choice.

Being one with “the Great Migration”

One African Photo Safari takes place in Kenya, home to an event that has been going on forever and ever. Each year in June, over 1.3 million wildebeest begin a migration that takes them to the Serengeti, where their calves are born. They stay only a few weeks, the herd growing so large that it is more than the eye can see. Your African Photo Safari should also include a visit to the Ngorongoro crater, a real adventure.

Namibia photo tours

Namibia is one of Africa’s larger countries, and has some beautiful scenery. Etosha National Park is the best known attraction in Namibia, and is very popular as an African Photo Safari. With its unusually contoured landscape and terrain, with green, lush brush and grasslands in the south and harsh dried-lake salt pan to the north, one gets the feeling of traveling in two worlds.

Namibia is home to almost every species of animal life in Africa. The park has well kept gravel roads that lead to watering holes for easy viewing and picture taking. There are more than 300 lions and rhinos, over 2,000 giraffes and 1,500 elephants in the park, so the chance of getting great pictures is good. Your African Photo Safari should include Etosha National Park in addition to Kenya.