Active family vacation in Spain

Active family vacation in Spain

Looking for the perfect active family vacation? Well the Pyrenees Mountains is the perfect place to go, if you seeking an active family vacation. The Pyrenees Mountains is a chain of mountains that separate France and Spain. This stretch of mountains is full of rich tradition, history, and cultural charm.


There are hundreds of attractions all along the 270 mile stretch of the Pyrenees. One of the most popular attractions is traveling on one of the three scenic driving routes. The Canfranc, Ibaneta Pass, and Valle de Pineta offer excellent views of the mountains, rivers, and access to local shopping. In addition to the scenic drives, the Pyrenees offer some spectacular architectural sites. The Ciudadela, located in Jaca is a pentagon-shape military museum which features over 35,000 pieces of military miniatures. Every piece is arranged based on a specific era and battle scenes.


In addition to all the wonderful attractions, there are also many activities to keep you busy during your active family vacation. If you are a snow lover, then you will be right at home. There are Ski Tours, skiing events, and snowshoeing activities events offered throughout the winter. Some of the best skiing in the world is located within the Pyrenees Mountains. There are also hundreds of guided hiking trails and walks through the vast valleys and hills. You will get to experience the rich culture up close during these tours.


Probably one of the greatest benefits while enjoying your active family vacation in Spain is the excellent food. Many restaurants feature fresh vegetables, meats, and spices which will cater to everyone’s taste buds. One particular side dish that is made in the Pyrenees is the chili drones, which are sautéed peppers, tomatoes and onions. In addition, you can also experience Spain’s world renowned wines, which are smooth and full of flavor.

As you can see the Pyrenees Mountains is the perfect active family vacation choice for you and your family. So the next time you are looking for a great place to go and relax, choose the Pyrenees Mountains.